Cleaning, what can I say, some people are born to be cleaners and others just hate the word cleaning.

So, what makes a cleaner? After searching the web, I have come across 16 different traits or characteristics of a cleaner. I will write about the ones that are important to me and what would be my characteristics, which leads me to be a professional cleaner.

#1 of the characteristics that I would place first would be a servant heart or task orientated person. What I mean by this is that you love to do things for others, you don’t look for gratification in return, but do it because you know the other person will appreciate what you have done anyway and it shows you care or love that person.  Having a servant type heart helps when being a cleaner, you put yourself out to help others.

#2 Im big on customer service, it was not one that was in the list of traits, but I feel it is important. Just to return a phone call in a reasonable time frame, or to answer a text message is respect for the other person, or even if something was not cleaned correctly and going back to rectify the mistake, sending a potential customer a thank you note for allowing you to come into their home for a quote, remembering a clients birthday or leaving a small gift is all about customer service.  Customer service is not just for the client it is also for your management team, your co-workers, its the next person in line to you.

#3 Honesty and Trustworthiness would be the next on the list.  Customers want someone who is honest and trustworthy.  The cleaner is going into their home most times when the client is at work or out.  The client wants to have that feeling of assurance that their home is kept safe and secure.  We hear many stories from new client that have had items stolen from them, and they have had it recorded on cctv.  Some times accidents happen in the home, and being honest to let the customer know so that a resolution can be made. Trusting your cleaner also means your personal information is always kept secure.

#4 Going above and beyond is very important.  If there is a cup left on the sink just washing it and place it away can help a customer out beyond words. Sometimes hanging the washing out for the customer will save them time, time they can spend with their family. I once brought the dry washing in for a customer but as I took it off the line I folded it up for her, she was so happy she thanked us for saving her time.  Looking for the small things that can help a customer out will give you a warm feeling and satisfaction.

#5 Humility is a bit hard but cleaning up after people humbles you. Sometime cleaning maybe the only job you are able to get even after you have finished a Uni degree, humility will help you see others as equals that everyone has a place and a purpose in this world. Humility helps to keep your mind open, it helps with a creative mind.

Well for today this is my first 5, I will add more to this in the coming weeks.